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About Us

Mr and Miss Demeanours is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills of impeccable etiquette and good manners. Our expert-led courses are designed to help you navigate social and professional situations with confidence and grace.

Why enhance your etiquette?

  • Good manners and proper etiquette can set you apart in today’s fast-paced world. Here are some compelling reasons to invest in enhancing your etiquette skills.”

Professional Advantages

  • Better First Impressions: “Good etiquette helps you make a strong, positive first impression in professional settings, whether during a job interview, a business meeting, or networking events.”
    • Example: “Greeting a potential employer with a firm handshake and polite conversation can leave a lasting impression and increase your chances of landing the job.”
  • Improved Networking Skills: “Knowing the proper way to introduce yourself and engage in conversation makes networking more effective.”
    • Example: “Introducing yourself confidently at a business conference can help you build valuable connections and expand your professional network.”
  • Enhanced Workplace Relationships: “Respectful and courteous behaviour fosters a positive work environment and strengthens professional relationships.”
    • Example: “Using polite language and showing appreciation towards colleagues can improve teamwork and collaboration.”

Social Benefits

  • Increased Social Confidence: “Understanding social etiquette can boost your confidence in various social settings, from casual gatherings to formal events.”
    • Example: “Being aware of dining etiquette at a formal dinner party allows you to focus on enjoying the company and conversation.”
  • Better Personal Relationships: “Good manners are the foundation of respectful and considerate relationships.”
    • Example: “Simple acts like listening attentively and expressing gratitude can deepen your connections with friends and family.”
  • Positive Social Image: “Displaying good manners enhances your reputation and makes you a more likeable and respected individual.”
    • Example: “Being polite and considerate in public, such as holding the door for others, reflects well on your character.”

Cultural Awareness

  • Navigating Cultural Differences: “Understanding and respecting cultural etiquette helps you interact gracefully with people from diverse backgrounds.”
    • Example: “Knowing the appropriate greetings and gestures when travelling abroad can help you avoid misunderstandings and show respect for local customs.”
  • Global Opportunities: “Proper etiquette opens doors to international opportunities and relationships.”
    • Example: “Mastering business etiquette for different cultures can be a significant asset when working with international clients or partners.”

Personal Development

  • Self-Improvement: “Learning etiquette is a step towards personal growth and self-discipline.”
    • Example: “Practicing good manners daily can help you develop qualities like patience, empathy, and attention to detail.”
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: “Etiquette involves effective communication, which is crucial in all aspects of life.”
    • Example: “Polite and clear communication can help resolve conflicts amicably and strengthen mutual understanding.”


  • Call to Action: “Ready to transform your social and professional life? Enrol in our courses at Mr and Miss Demeanours and start your journey to becoming a more refined and confident individual.”

Our Courses

  • We offer a variety of courses tailored to different needs and levels.

Course 1: Basic Etiquette

  • Description: “An introductory course covering the fundamentals of good manners in various social settings.”
  • Topics Covered:
    • Greetings and Introductions
    • Table Manners
    • Conversation Skills
    • Dress Code Essentials

Course 2: Advanced Etiquette

  • Description: “A comprehensive course for those looking to refine their etiquette skills further.”
  • Topics Covered:
    • Fine Dining Etiquette
    • Professional Conduct
    • Cultural Etiquette
    • Hosting and Attending Formal Events

Course 3: Business Etiquette

  • Description: “Etiquette training tailored for the professional environment.”
  • Topics Covered:
    • Professional Greetings and Introductions
    • Office Etiquette
    • Email and Phone Etiquette
    • Networking Skills

Course 4: Children’s Etiquette

  • Description: “Teaching young ones the importance of good manners from an early age.”
  • Topics Covered:
    • Polite Greetings
    • Basic Table Manners
    • Sharing and Respect
    • Classroom Etiquette


The first lesson is free and will be used to determine your requirements and plan the course according to your specific conditions. Subsequent lessons are priced at the competitive rate of $16 per 50-minute session.

Meet Ian Springham

  • With a wealth of experience and a touch of humour, Ian Springham is your go-to expert for mastering the art of etiquette and good manners. Let’s dive into Ian’s journey and discover why he’s perfectly suited to guide you on this elegant adventure.”

Ian’s Expertise and Suitability

  • Etiquette Aficionado: “Ian has spent over two decades immersed in the world of etiquette, transforming countless individuals into paragons of politeness. His passion for good manners is matched only by his dedication to making etiquette enjoyable and accessible.”
  • The Napkin Incident of ’04: “During a particularly formal dinner at a prestigious event, Ian witnessed a guest struggling to use a napkin properly. Seizing the moment, Ian gracefully demonstrated the correct technique, turning an awkward situation into a lesson in elegance. The grateful guest later credited Ian with saving them from ‘utter napkin humiliation.'”
  • Tea Time Triumph: “In a humorous twist, Ian once hosted a tea party where he managed to balance 14 cups of tea on a single tray without a spill while discussing the finer points of small talk. This ‘Tea Time Triumph’ not only showcased his exceptional skills but also his ability to entertain while educating.”
  • Handshake Heroics: “Known for his impeccable handshakes, Ian once diffused a tense business meeting with a handshake so perfect it was dubbed ‘The Diplomat’s Delight.’ His colleagues marvelled at how a simple gesture, when done correctly, could set the tone for successful negotiations.”
  • Bow Tie Mastery: “Ian’s expertise isn’t limited to behaviour alone. At a black-tie event, he noticed several guests struggling with their bow ties. With a wink and a smile, Ian organized an impromptu bow tie tutorial, ensuring everyone looked their best. The ‘Bow Tie Brigade’ is now an annual tradition at the event, thanks to Ian’s sartorial savvy.”
  • Dining Doyen: “During a particularly elaborate seven-course dinner, Ian subtly guided his table on which utensils to use, preventing a potential ‘fork fiasco.’ His discreet assistance earned him the nickname ‘Dining Doyen’ among his peers.”

Humorous Examples of Ian’s Approach

  • The Great Umbrella Debate: “When caught in a sudden downpour, Ian held an impromptu lesson on umbrella etiquette, emphasizing the importance of spatial awareness. His demonstration of ‘How to Avoid Poking Eyes Out’ became a memorable lesson for all, proving that even in the rain, good manners matter.”
  • The Elevator Etiquette Episode: “Ian once turned a mundane elevator ride into a masterclass on elevator etiquette. With charm and wit, he explained the nuances of standing positions and exit strategies, ensuring everyone reached their floors in good spirits and high etiquette.”
  • The Mobile Phone Manners Mishap: “During a workshop, Ian’s phone rang loudly, breaking his own rule of silencing devices. Without missing a beat, he used it as a live example to demonstrate how to handle such situations with grace and humour, turning a potential faux pas into a memorable teaching moment.”


  • Final Thought: “With Ian Springham at the helm, learning etiquette isn’t just informative—it’s an enjoyable and memorable experience. His unique blend of expertise, humour, and practical advice ensures that you’ll not only learn the rules of etiquette but also how to apply them effortlessly in any situation. Join Ian at Mr and Miss Demeanours and elevate your elegance today.”

This personalized and engaging section showcases Ian’s expertise in a light-hearted manner, making him approachable and trustworthy to potential clients.

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