Ian Springham’s Testimonials

These are some of the testimonials that I have received in recent times; all of which – I might add – are unsolicited.

Ian as an English Language Teacher …

Ian is definitely a cool teacher with a good sense of humor.

Excellent teacher, different lessons every time.

We’re not in a hurry. We calmly analyze the material and learn the tenses of verbs. Ian explains the material perfectly and selects it based on my needs. A great teacher!

In general, the lessons are going well. It can be seen that the teacher is preparing for classes, selects additional material. Always checks the extra homework that I ask to be given to me at home. Now we are studying according to the textbook for preparing for IElTS, which I planned to pass a year ago. But I still haven’t passed. I would like more progress and consistency. But learning a language depends more on the student, especially memorizing words. There is already a flaw on my part.

A wonderful teacher! The lessons are very interesting, explains very clearly. Sensitive, responsive, attentive. I get great pleasure from the lessons!

… and as an independent consultant

Ian is a highly talented individual who was always a pleasure to work with. A slightly outside the box thinker who has a very professional approach to all he does whilst retaining an impish sense of humour which can sadly be lacking in some professional spheres.

Susan Ilsley – Independent Peer Trainer / Peer worker at SMILE

Ian is a highly knowledgeable and sincere individual with great computer knowledge. He helped me to control two websites where log in details were missing and no one was able to help. His services are very well priced and I would recommend him.

Martin McHugh – Marketing Manager at FlavOil UK

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